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Fes Moments

bab bou jeloud dinner.JPG
Tajine on the Terrace Overlooking Bab Boujeloud, a Landmark Medina Gate

babs and camel burger.JPG
Barbara Sinks Her Teeth Into A Most Tasty ("Zween") Camel Burger at Cafe Clock

group photo teachers.JPG
A Post-Roundtable Photo with Moroccan High School Teachers and SACAL-Fez Representatives

harriet pottery.JPG
Harriet Struts Her Pottery Stuff while a Moroccan Artisan Admires

lena finds her name at bou inania.JPG
Amidst the Elaborate Arabic Calligraphy at Medersa Bou Inania, Lena Discovers Her Name

tannery toil.JPG
Timeless Toil at the Tanneries

Dr. Fatima Amrani Discusses, with Gusto, the Progress of Feminism and Islamist Challenges in Morocco

mohamed guide.JPG
Mohamed Bouziane, our Proud Guide, with the Fes Medina as Backdrop

zellij artisan.JPG
A Zellij Artisan Measures a Tile for (Hand) Production

zellij at bou inania.JPG
Exquisite Zellij at Medersa Bou Inania

Paula Peers Palais Royal.JPG
Paula Peers Through the Palais Royal Gates--No Sign of King Mo VI

sahara ready.JPG
Sam and Lena: Saharan Style

barbara paula homestay.JPG
Barbara and Paula with their Home-stay Mother

henna hands.JPG
Hands of Henna

paul harriett homestay.JPG
Paul and Harriet with their Home-stay Host (the Moroccan tunic was a parting gift)

zeina and homestay.JPG
Zeina Observes Her Home-stay Mother Adding Spices to a Tajine

Ouezzane Chicken Man.JPG
The Best Rotisserie Chicken, No Doubt, in the Maghreb. A Lunch Road Stop in Ouezzane en route to Chefchaouen. The Owner and Succulent Twisting Birds Behind


Zeina: Now, you cannot say you don't know how to cook a Moroccan dish!!:)

Salima, you are right! And I should say that I made Harira a couple of days ago--it was delicious (mizyen bizzaf!).