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Closing Images from Asilah and Tangier

Group Asilah Ramparts.JPG
Along the Portuguese Ramparts of Asilah Overlooking The Atlantic

Asilah Marabout Tomb and Ramparts.JPG
The Scenic Tomb of Asilah's Marabout (Saint) Astride the Medina

Horsecart Start Asilah.JPG
Hitched Up and Ready for the Horsecart Ride to Paradise Beach

Lena Zeina Arjunia Horsecart.JPG
Lena, Zeina, and Arjunia on a Bluff Overlooking Paradise Beach

Harriet Yellow Parasol Paradise Beach.JPG
If it's the Yellow Parasol, it Must Be Harriet

Mariachi Asilah.JPG
Mariachis, Mole, and Morocco? You Bet. Mexico was the Focus Country of this Year's Asilah International Cultural Festival

Paula Dallas Asilah Mural.JPG
Paula and Dallas Pass By One of the New Asilah Festival Murals for 2008

Sam and Streetside Oud Player.JPG
A Streetside Oud Musician in Asilah Plays for Sam

Mint Tea Cafe Hafa.JPG
Mint Tea with a Strait of Gibraltar View: the old Beat hangout of Cafe Hafa

Jebli Women Tangier Market.JPG
Jebli Women in Riffian Costume at the Tangier Market

Zeina and Hawkers.JPG
Zeina Runs the Tangier Hawker Gauntlet...Thankfully, the Pitch Comes with More Humor ("He's from Oklahoma, he's from Michigan and I just got back from 42nd Street") and Idiom ("Come Check it Out")

Linda and Cherie Nutting.JPG
Linda and Cherie Nutting, friend and photographer of the late author and Tangerine Paul Bowles

Le Mirage Beach View.JPG
The Setting of our Farewell Dinner at Le Mirage

Sam Ted Barbara Le Mirage.JPG
Sam, Ted, and Barbara Chase the Setting Sun at Le Mirage



You photos are great. They really capture the moments. The group pic at Asilah with the Atlantic behind is first rate!