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What 104F Heat Can Do to You

Today's searing heat induced some impulsive behavior among our educators. Dallas buys a gnawa's gimbri (stringed instrument) immediately after a lunch performance, and Ted, like, well, he hops on Aiesha's (Arabesca's assistant) scooter for a half-block sampling of Marrakeshi street navigation. Mabrouk to both for realizing cultural immersion.

Dallas The Gnawa.jpg
Dallas Jams with a Gnawa Musician--then Purchases his "Gimbri"

Easy Rider.jpg
Easy Rider

Jardin Majorelle.jpg
A Jardin Majorelle Ensemble

Date Stand_The Fna.jpg
Dates, Nuts, and Apricots on Display at the Djemaa el Fna

Marrakeshi Color and Light.jpg
The Painterly Light and Breathing Colors of Jardin Majorelle

Alex and Soudani.JPG
Mohamed Soudani, Lecturer on Berber-Sahara Culture, with Alex Safos, Group Leader