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The Sufi Way

Good fortune was ours this evening as we were able to observe and feel the power of a ritual few non-Muslims witness: a genuine Sufi "dhikr" or "remembrance" of God, or Allah. In the intimate courtyard of the American Language Center in Marrakesh, following mint tea and almond-infused gazelle horn pastries, six men from a local Sufi order chanted songs of praise, mercy, and love to Allah...all in an attempt to seek oneness with the Creator. The exuberance was uplifting. Alas, this message of peace, happiness, and sheer joy for all of Allah's creations--Muslim and not--is one that is, unfortunately, alien to much of our Western subconscious. There was nothing somber about this display. Happiness and goodness penetrated us tonight and even if but for tonight, we are better from this extraordinary experience. And quite thankful that Morocco's long tradition of Sufism still sings.

To Essaouira and the "west" coast tomorrow for sunset over the Atlantic. Take that, Cali.

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