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Photos from the first 48 hours...

couscous welcome.jpg
Our couscous welcome meal in the courtyard at Arabesca

Amelia Sketching.jpg
Amelia sketching the scene

Annette buys Kaokao.jpg
Annette buys Kaokao in the market

Cedar Souq Artisan.jpg
Cedar artisan in the souq

Measuring Up Alyssa.jpg
Measuring Alyssa for her Moroccan garb

Snails at Sunset.jpg
Snacking on snails at sunset

Djemaa el Fna by night.jpg
Djemaa el Fna (Square of the Dead) by night

Americans in Morocco.jpg
Americans in Morocco


We are enjoying the wonderfully descriptive summaries of each day's events. Best to all.
Brendon and Michael Walsh

So great to see the first images of you all in Morocco- I love the picture of the group in traditional dress! This Friday another Global LAB trip will be heading out that I will be joining, so I'll be checking your blog from Mexico while in Cuernavaca with a group of middle schoolers from the CESAR program in Milwaukee...Michelle (Bos-Lun, director of programs)