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Sha-Dae's thoughts on being back home...

It's been really annoying having to do things by myself, but I deal with it & try to be out & active & cherish everything I gotta do ... :) ...

The people are obviously different--I'm more appreciated by my family & friends.

I can wear whatever I want again without feeling some type of way! The food is obviously different! The weather! not much though...

And being over here in NYC makes me miss everything I had over there in India with everyone!

I notice everyone tryna make time for each other. Everyone is different mentally! Alot of people around us.

My mom got me a job & I've been trying so hard to be active with my younger siblings :)

I feel good to be home happy. I appreciate everyone and everything.

I miss everyone, sad...I really really really miss everyone & can't wait to be together!