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Looking to the Future...

Mountains on a clear day

As profound as the India experience can be for students, the real growth and change in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and values takes shape in the weeks, months, and years to come. As students encounter familiar situations and obstacles, they will have opportunities to apply what they have learned about themselves in India and approach these challenges in new and constructive ways.

And the International Leadership Program is not over! In just a few short weeks students will reunite again in NYC to participate in workshops helping them turn their experience in India into school and community presentations and college application essays.

The ILP culminates with students planning and implementing leadership activities to improve communities of their choosing. These workshops will focus on ILP's leadership model of:

1) Choosing a community (e.g. schools, neighborhoods, international)
2) Selecting a problem that is negatively affecting that community
3) Planning and implementing a constructive intervention to help solve the problem

In this way the ILP benefits more than just the students who participate. And it is our hope that we can build a network of young, compassonate, and skilled leaders who can help make our world a better place.


Bob, Deb, and Peter