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Goodbye, India!

Today is our last day in India. We all reminisced trying to remember all of what we have lived so far, here in India. How fun it was, the experience that we had and the changes that we made as people.

Also, it has been especially exciting for one of us, Kassandra, because it's her birthday today. She was surprised when the group altogether shared a great moment with her, by dedicating a happy birthday song to her.

To celebrate our last day in India and Kassandra's birthday we stopped at the India Gate for Henna, a non-permanent all natural ink traditionally used for Indian weddings.


The leaders and students had a meeting right after breakfast during which we discussed our fears and hopes about when we go back home. The leaders pointed out how the several students have the fear of losing communication with one another and the hope of having more activities together, after the program is over and how we will be able to stay connected.

Afterward, we left to Jan Path Market, which is a place like a mall with a bunch of stores where everybody did their last minute shopping before we leave India.

Then, we ate our last Indian food in Sarvan Restaurant. After that, we went back to the World Buddhist Center to pack everything up and finally leave to the airport for our 14 hour flight.

- Geancarlo