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Hello from Ladakh

Molly above Leh town and the Indus Valley as seen from Tse Mo  Monastery.jpg
Molly above Leh town and the Indus Valley as seen from Tse Mo Monastery

Namgial and Ellie at Tikse Monastery.jpg
Namgial and Ellie at Tikse Monastery

The Decker sisters, Sarah and Linnea, at Tikse Monastery.jpg
The Decker sisters, Sarah and Linnea, at Tikse Monastery


Things here in Ladakh continue to be fantastic. Yesterday we paid a morning visit to the legendary (and massive) Tikse Monastery, after our audience with the Sabu Oracle was postponed. We had a dynamic afternoon discussion with local, Muslim author, Abdul Ghani Sheikh, and shared perspectives on literature here in the Subcontinent as well as in the US, Central Asia, and elsewhere. Late afternoons and evenings continue to provide inspiring periods for personal writings as well as time for group readings and critiques.

Group at Sabu.jpg
Group at Sabu Oracle

This morning we returned to the Sabu Lhamo Oracle, and it was a busy day for her. In addition to the twelve of us, she received more than two dozen local members of the community, from Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu families. Many individuals received healing treatments, while others, including a good number of our group, had questions of a personal nature answered by her specially inspired perspective. Afterwards, we made a walking tour of Leh's Old Town and the Polo Ground (where a cricket tournament was underway) and this afternoon we will take a hike up to the 16th Century Tse-Mo Monastery and former Royal Palace of Ladakh. Finally, this evening we have scheduled a performance of traditional Ladakhi song and dance at our Chube Guest House, where we will be joined by the Global LAB Brahma to Buddha semester group, which just today returned from their ten-day trek in the Markha Valley.

Tomorrow morning we will drive a couple hours down the Indus valley to the ancient Alchi Monastery. After a tour of the temples and the exquisite artwork there, we will continue up to Mangyu Village. We will stay overnight in Mangyu for two days, assisting with a local service project and taking an afternoon hike into the hills above town. We will then return to Leh on Wednesday afternoon, and have a couple more days here before returning to Delhi and the plains of India.

Health and spirits continue to be excellent and we'll be in touch again soon once we return from Alchi.