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Elsewhere Bound

Ellie, Ben, and Jenn chat inside Akbar's tomb as Sarah snaps a photo_final.jpg
Ellie, Ben, and Jenn chat inside Akbar's tomb as Sarah snaps a photo

I've just returned here to the Likir House after seeing the group off at the airport, where their flight was scheduled to take off on-time.

We had a nice and low-key final day in Delhi yesterday. After arriving from Pathankot on the overnight train Shalimar Express, we returned to the guest house for some mid-day rest and relaxation. Final shopping excursions and trips to the post office took place in between wrapping up writing assignments and the packing of bags. Before our excellent dinner at Park Balochi, a decidedly non-vegatarian restaurant set amidst a zoo/arboretum park in South Delhi, the group had an afternoon reading here at Likir House over tea, biscuits, and lychees. All members shared a favorite poem or prose piece which they'd composed over the past two weeks. These literary works were absolutely amazing, and not only did each individual articulate her or his experiences in a profound way, but demonstrated a new way of seeing and thinking about our places in the world, influenced by all that we have encountered here in Ladakh, Dharamsala, and Hindustan. I look forward to reading and hearing more from everyone as time for further reflection presents itself.

Molly and I will be here in Delhi for the rest of the day, trying to stay cool under the A/C, and other than some final programmatic details to attend to and a visit to the dentist, it will be nice and quiet here in the neighborhood.

That's all for now-