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A post from Pam and the Gang

Boys at top of minaret Jamma Masjid Delhi P6300128  resized.jpg
Some boys we met at the top of tje minaret Jamma Masjid, Delhi

We have already done and seen so much it is hard to capture it all in one shot! Right now we are in Dharamsala, which is the home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. The internet has been out for a few days here so we apologize for the lack of blog activity. We thought a good way to fill you in on our adventures would be to include everyone's favorite experiences so far. Fortunately everyone has had many, so here is a sampling:

Brian: Hearing so many philosophical talks and discovering new points of view... also reaching the top of the mountain on our day hike.

Perrin: Visiting the temples. I love art and love seeing all of the beautiful architecture and intricate designs. It is interesting to compare the art I see here and the art I see in New York.

Travis: Everything! India is fascinating. It is so interesting to see how everything is different, like getting food and getting around. Also, the worshiping is more extreme than you see at home - especially at the Golden Temple (in Amritsar).

Rebecca: Going to the Golden Temple. Everyone was so devout and passionate there. Also the Norbulingka Institute and seeing how they do thangka painting and wood carving. And just looking around and observing local life... everyone is so interesting to me.

John: Watching the monks and nuns debate. It is great to see young people so engaged in minute philosophical points. It was surprising to see them playfully slapping and pointing at each other as they argued.

Helena: I really enjoyed hearing the director of the Dharamsala library speak. His message was great: you're alive now so do good now.

Pam: Having Indian tourists ask to take pictures with us at the Dalai Lama's monastery. I always want to take pictures of the people I am meeting here because they are foreign and unfamiliar to me, so it was nice to know that they feel the same curiosity about us.

The long plane, train and car rides have been tough, so staying in Dharamsala for a few days has been a treat. Between all of our visits and talks the students have been staying with some very gracious Tibetan families here in the town. Tomorrow we will celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama and then we are off to Manali and Spiti valley. More to come!!!!



Thanks for the update, Pam! Sounds like you are having an amazing time!

Nice note, Pam.
Keep them coming!

Have you seen any Red Sox caps over there? Hope you are having a great time!
Adam and Laurie