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This morning I got a chance to see where I'll be taking my thanka painting class. Stepping foot inside the studio, meeting my teacher and observing all of his most recent works made me really excited to commence my studies. I've been meaning to blog more often but for the past week we've all been busy getting acquainted with our homestay families as well as attending hindi and yoga classes on a daily basis. As Sarah mentioned in her last post, it's been a positive, much needed transition from the hectic cities of Delhi and Amritsar. My minor case of delhi belly has gradually subsided and i can't see any problems getting used to eating Tibetan noodles and fried tofu momo's everyday. so delicious...


Christine, what a great opportunity to learn and experience a new method of painting,thanka. I looked it up on the internet and this method of painting look both, very lengthy in its process' but also very beautiful. Hope you enjoy it. Deb Busch (Sarah's Mom)